About CANDID data sharing and visualisation of discursive analyses

The 'dataviz.xyz' project is an ongoing development of a data-sharing facility and visualisation of textual analyses. This instance of the tool represents data from the CANDID research project (Grant no. H2020-732561). It comprises of data excerpts from interviews, written communications, documents and other textual sources that have been chosen to foreground for analyses and make available for download. These data were originally analysed using discourse-analytic methods (thematic and content analyses and DA based in discursive social psychology and critical discourse studies). The data have been given preliminary treatment in using this facility, in order to contextualise their structuring, e.g., by creating links to the discursive strategies at work in the communications the data represent.


The 'Home' page shows a visualisation of the data excerpts and their relation to one or more discursive strategies. Each point is a link to data or information on their strategic relation. You can also use 'mouse-hover' to trigger the appearance of meta-information on the screen.


The 'Discursive chart' provides a full overview of the data excerpts in this database in their thematic ordering, as well as a list of discursive strategies, also in thematic ordering.


The 'API' links to the data which is open source and available for downloading.


How to reference this repository:

CANDID Consortium. (2017). The CANDID data-sharing facility and visualisation of textual analyses. CANDID H2020-ICT-2016. Online access at http://candid.dataviz.xyz.

Application development: David Rozas
Licence: CC-BY-SA